I started doing yoga a little more than 15 years ago as a graduate student, and it turned out to be the perfect antidote to too much sitting and too much coffee!

Over the years my practice varied depending on location and lifestyle, with an emphasis on Ashtanga yoga—until 2011. That was the year I took part in a teacher training course with Nicky Knoff, who, together with her husband, James Bryan, has developed a yoga system based on their years of experience with Choudhury Bikram, B.K.S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. I earned my first teaching certificate that year, and in the following years I completed four more courses with Nicky including pregnancy yoga, chair yoga and yoga therapy.

At the moment, I'm preparing to take part in the advanced teacher training course at Nicky and James' home studio in Cairns, Australia in August.

The longer I practice and teach the more I realize how much there is to learn--it's never ever boring! I hope some of that excitement and sense of discovery comes through in my classes; that's my intention and my motivation.


Lieblingsasana: Das Rad (Urdhva dhanurasana)